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Custom Portreats

What is a PorTREAT? It's a portrait, but FUNNER! Gigglebox custom PorTREATs create a visual story, capturing a moment in time that becomes a treasured keepsake. 

PorTREATs make great gifts — celebrating special people in memorable moments. PorTREATs can be used professionally as a friendly alternative to photography. You will literally look FABULOUS in a PorTREAT — wearing your favorite outfit, perfect hair, and a big smile because I draw you that way! Use your PorTREAT just like a photo and share on social media so the world can see how cute you are. You deserve it because, let’s face it, you really are adorable!


Families, Besties, Babies, Brides, Anniversaries, Graduates, Teachers, Professionals Teams, Pets, and ANYONE you LOVE!


During our initial consultation, we discuss all the fun stuff like your hair-do, your outfit, and all the details that make you YOU. Through your description and photo references, I create a rough sketch for your approval. Then polish, ink, and color your original creation!

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