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who Is missi jay anyway?

Who is Missi Jay anyway? 

Missi is visual artist. She is a proud graduate of The Oklahoma University School of Fine Art. Attracted to the creative scene in Austin, Missi quickly made it her home. She loved the city’s sense of community—big-city life with a small-town feel. After working for some SUPER AWESOME design agencies, Missi struck out on her own in 1998 and launched Gigglebox Design. Today, she also shares her passion for encouraging others through “Gigglebox Art by Missi Jay.” Gigglebox designs products featuring original designs as well as commissioned, custom, personalized, and original art.                                                                                                                                              


What does Missi Jay do? 

Missi creates for companies, non-profits, ad agencies, marketing professionals, and nice people. “I always try to create artwork that I could show my grandmother and my daughter with PRIDE. So I guess my artwork is old-lady and kid-friendly. My favorite part about my job is meeting new people who share their stories, hopes, and dreams with me. I help them create visual solutions and SOMETIMES I even help them ACHIEVE their dreams. Many times my clients become friends,”  says Missi.


“The work you do while you procrastinate is the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” - JESSICA HISCHE  


In addition to illustrating more than a dozen children’s books, Missi designed the official Texas license plate benefitting Texas CASA, a child advocate nonprofit. The Austin Advertising Federation honored Missi with the Big Wig Award for best illustrator. Her work has been nationally recognized by Print Magazine, Creative Quarterly Journal, 3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, and the Addy Awards. 


What MOVES Missi Jay?                                                                                       

Missi is inspired by music, song lyrics, famous quotes, funny things her friends say, pop culture, fashion, and color, color, color. But her biggest inspiration is her daughter, Ruby, “a real-life, glitter-covered rainbow!” Missi, her husband Jeff, and Ruby enjoy spending time together with their pugs Gigi Coconut and Faye Jay. 

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